The December to January period puts business’ revenue at two extremes. The Christmas period is one of the busiest times of the year for retailers or most B2C businesses whether big or small. On the other hand, January is a slower month for many retailers as their customers hold back after increased spend in December.

To keep customers spending in January businesses tend to advertise enticing offers, during the slower months to get new customers back into stores again. Whether retail, gyms, recruitment, schools, estate agents, car dealerships and others, advertising in January offers great opportunities if done right! The cost of advertising on a billboard has fallen over the years which means that small – medium sized businesses can also afford to advertise new year or winter sale campaigns locally!  This gives everyone the same opportunity to reach new and existing customers.


There are 8 times as many people purchasing a gym membership in January than in December. As usual, the new year resolutions call for a rise in gym memberships. With the “New Year, New You” campaigns going live, billboard campaigns are the perfect way to attract attention to your local gym. Launching a 3-month campaign from January – March allows you to target those looking to go to the gym for their New Year’s resolutions, up until the tail end of the resolution seekers in March.

Recruitment Companies

January is the month employees are most likely to think about changing jobs, with almost one in five saying that this is the most popular month to move on. Be in the view of employees commuting locally into work in the new year, as they are likely to be thinking about changing jobs to start the year off afresh.

Set your advertisement live by the last week of December, ready for the new year commuters. A 3 month campaign is advised to get enough reach and exposure at the start of the year.

Estate Agents

Home owners interested in getting thier properties sold by the peak property season in the spring, usually start preparing after Christmas. This is a prime time to be in view of sellers and buyers getting ready for this process in January. With first month of the year generally being used to prepare for the year ahead, getting a strong listing of sellers and prospective buyers sets the next few months up to be stronger than ever. Check out Lewis Oliver Estate Agent Case Study


With the winter sales going live, this is the time to showcase your offers and new seasons lines! Shoppers are out looking for the best deals and are ready to spend! To cut through the noise, showcase some of your best offers in store on a billboard to let customers know what you also have to offer!

Book now to get your advert live in time for the Christmas – New Year shopping season.

Using a 3 month booking you can be live in December and change the artwork at the end of January with your new season campaign.

Car Dealerships

The new number plate is coming in March, so the start of the year is

Kia Scrappage Campaign

the best time to get the word out about the end of plate deals. With a 3 month campaign you can get the word out now, then change the artwork once the new plate begins to come into the showrooms.

Schools / Education 

The busy open days season gets going between January – March. There’s a bunch of events and open days during this period for universities and colleges. There’s too many distractions during the Christmas period from exams to parties and Christmas family reunions, so targeting students in January as they begin to think about their new journey is the best time to capture their attention.

Questions about billboards?

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