Tips on reaching more customers with outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising can be a brilliant way to promote your business and services, but to do this, your campaign must have the ability to engage and reach your potential customers. Here are some tips for reaching more customers with outdoor advertising:

  • Make your billboard exciting and engaging, but not distracting. This can be dangerous, especially on busy roads.
  • Aim to have no more than 7 words, as passers by may not have the time to read long chunks of text, making your advertisement pointless as no one will know what it is about.
  • Travellers on the road have on average between 3 and 6 seconds to view a billboard, as well as concentrating on the road, so instant impact is needed.
  • Give customers a reason to visit your business. What benefits can you offer? Are you worth the drive/visit to your website?
  • Consider creative touches such as an unconventional shape, 3D additions, or clever or funny pictures/slogans.
  • If you are advertising a product, consider using a picture of someone using this product.
  • Make sure you consider location. If your billboard is not in the right place, or targeting the right area it will not bring in the sales that you need, therefore rendering it useless.