Why Billboards are the perfect promotional tool for your business

An earlier form of outdoor advertising was a sandwich board outside a café, restaurant or business. The aim of these being to draw customers in with special offers, promotions, or just to advertise services. Today, that aim is still the same but the way we do it has increased on a much larger scale.

 In a fast-paced world, where everyone wants information quickly, billboard marketing can be a brilliant promotional tool. One billboard can be seen by thousands of people everyday, sometimes more than once. Unlike seeing a television or Internet advertisement, the viewer cannot change the channel, switch off or click onto another page. This guarantees an audience. It can be positioned in a strategic location, e.g. within a busy local community, at a train station or on a busy motorway. In short, it is a quick, in-your-face way to promote your business, create brand awareness and expand your customer base.

Another way billboard advertising is significantly different to other forms of advertising is that it less likely to be forgotten as easily. This is because one billboard on its own cannot get lost in a sea of other adverts (like a television advert break comprising of several adverts) competing for your attention. Unlike other promotional tools, you do not have to invite a billboard into your home and it does not have to provide a source of entertainment to sustain a regular audience.

A billboard can also be a cost effective way to promote your business in a long-term way. A full-page advert in a newspaper or magazine for one day could cost you the same price or much more, compared to advertising on a billboard for 3 months or longer. It is seen by a large number of the public at any time and in any weather. This means that one person can potentially see it every day, creating a high frequency of exposure.

Even though Billboard advertising is a great way to promote yourselves, you still need to make sure that the advert is suitable for purpose.

Here are some tips for a successful billboard advertisement:

  • Be brief: A billboard is only likely to be seen for a few seconds by passers by, so you need to get your point across in a concise way.
  • Keep it simple: A fancy font or too many pictures can make it harder to read for a passer by, therefore making your message ineffectual.
  • Be creative: A billboard that is different from the norm or stands out from the crowd is more likely to be remembered by the people that see it, therefore making them more likely to use your company’s services.
  • Only advertise one offer: giving the viewer too much to think about in a short space of time can confuse them, making them less likely to remember your company or what you do.