Benefits Of Using Billboards

Billboards are everywhere we go, and although we may not realise it they are a big influence on shoppers spending habits. Whether your business is big or small, there are many benefits to using a billboard to promote your services.

The main benefit of a billboard is visibility. A billboard can be seen by thousands of consumers who are on the move everyday, sometimes more than once. Because of this guaranteed audience, a business can see a quick rise in sales due to the volume of people seeing a billboard and then using the services advertised.

Statistics show that a large number of consumers (92%) had seen an outdoor advertisement 30 minutes before purchasing, and another large percentage (82%) said they had impulse purchased that day. This shows the huge influentially a billboard can have on shoppers spending habits. Compared to the percentage of people that used a service after it was advertised in a newspaper (4%) or the radio (36%), billboards are the obvious choice to reel in customers.

Billboards are also cost effective. Compared to advertising in a newspaper, in a magazine or on television, a billboard can work out much cheaper. This is because you are advertising for long periods of time, compared to maybe one day in a newspaper or a few weeks on the television.

An additional benefit to billboard advertising is location. A billboard on the side of the road can be used as a directional to your business (A key example of this being businesses using billboards to direct a driver off the motorway and too their nearest locations). It can also be used to target a specific audience by being placed in a specific area or neighbourhood. This gives businesses the benefit of targeted outreach.