5 Reasons Why You Should Promote Your Business With Billboard Advertising

Although out of home advertising has been around for many years, the industry is still growing and in 2014 spending on billboard advertising exceeded £1 billion.

Here are 5 reasons why out of home advertising is a great way to promote your company or brand in the UK:

  1. Billboard advertising has a lower cost per thousand views than any other type of advertising. Billboard campaigns cost 80% less than television and 40% less than local papers (based on prices quoted by Archant and KM Group on Friday 19th August 2016).
  2. Billboards and out of home advertising reach 98% of the UK population every week (source Route and Outsmart).
  3. Adverts on billboards are free to potential customers. You don't have to open a newspaper, turn on the TV or radio. They are in your face 24/7.
  4. 83% of people recall seeing billboards and out of home advertising within the last 30 minutes before shopping (source Outsmart last window of influence, 2011).
  5. People spend more time in their vehicles than they do reading the newspaper and watching the news.

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