Promote Your Estate Agency With Billboard Advertising

With print circulation declining, particularly with local newspapers, it can be difficult to find an appropriate and cost-effective form of advertising to make your estate agency stand out from the crowd.

Traditionally, estate agents have used local newspapers to promote their available properties. In recent years, they have moved to online advertising as a solution but with the increasing cost of advertising online, estate agencies are left looking for cost-effective alternatives.

"Dave from Billboard Media popped into our office and informed us of the availability of the location, He was very informative with local knowledge and showed us examples of how we could utilise the space. We found the service seamless, very pleasant and efficient. This was our first time dealing with Billboard Media and we would not hesitate in using them again. Dave was pleasant and approachable to begin with and the rest of the team kept to their promises in terms of time scales.  I would definitely recommend billboards." - Stoneridge Estate Agents

Newspapers reach only those willing to purchase a copy and they have a limited shelf life. In comparison, billboards are readily accessible and free to access for large audiences every day.

Billboards offer estate agents a permanent advertising presence on the high street. They can also be used as a directional advertisement to guide people to an office location.

Billboard advertising offers estate agencies the opportunity to build their brand in the local area. This helps creates a reputation among residents and gives them an edge over competitors.

If you would like to promote your estate agency using billboard advertising, get in touch with our sales team on: 0845 86 22 198 or email