Clocks Go Forward Campaign - A Simple But Effective Message

Daylight Saving Time (DST) – also known as British Summer Time (BST) – is the name given to losing an hour in spring and regaining it again in winter. We do this in a bid to save energy by making the most out of natural daylight.

This notion was first proposed in 1784 by the US politician, Benjamin Franklin, as a means to save on candles. In the UK, the idea was not introduced until Englishman, William Willett, proposed it to the British Parliament in 1907. However, DST was not made into law until 1916, a year after Willett died.

As of 1916, British clocks go forward an hour on the last Sunday of March, essentially ‘moving’ the hour from the morning to the evening. We do not ‘move’ the hour forward until the last Sunday of October.

“This campaign was to showcase how billboards work with a simple message. This poster design was a reminder that the clocks go forward on Sunday morning which a lot of people forget. Thanks to this we have received 23 new enquires and 8 new customers within 5 days. This shows that with the right message billboards can work for any business or product.”

William Turner, Sales Manager, North London and Home Counties

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