Build Your Taxi Company With Billboard Advertising

The UK taxi is the centre of a multi-million-pound industry. In the London area alone, 1.8 million people are estimated to travel in taxis every week. 93% of company directors in London believe that a good taxi network is essential for a successful economy.

In 2015, 144 licensing authorities in England welcomed an increase in taxi vehicles which accounted for 66% of all vehicles.

In the same year, there was a 9.3% increase in the total number of licensed taxis and private hire vehicles across England.

With taxi apps such as Uber and Hailo changing the game, local and independent taxi companies are turning to alternative means of advertising.

Starting a billboard advertising campaign to promote your taxi company offers a number of advantages.

The majority of customers are already in your location and using billboards to build a reputation with your local residents will increase the likelihood of them reusing your services.

A sizable proportion of requests for a taxi service is at night / early morning when those celebrating in bars and restaurants need to get home safely. Locally placed billboards will give these groups of individuals a quick solution by instantly offering your contact details.

Your telephone number, address and / or email address can be taken straight from your billboard advertisement at any time of any day.

Additionally, billboards can attract hundreds and thousands of new customers to your business. They can offer you a permanent presence in your local area that will help build your brand among local residents. Alternatively, billboards can be placed on roadsides, allowing you to promote your company to travellers and commuters.

Directional billboards can guide customers straight to your office with arrows and directions, ensuring interested customers are able to find your location easily.

Billboard advertising guarantees your taxi or private hire vehicle company constant presence in a location of your choosing. Build and maintain your brand’s reputation as well as increase your audience reach with a billboard advertising campaign today.

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