Billboard Advertising vs Social Media

Local and independent businesses and companies rely on various forms of advertising to continue to maintain and grow their business. Although the benefits are clear, social media can be tricky to master and, if your intended audience is beyond the scope of Twitter or Facebook, your posts and adverts may not be creating the desired effect.

Social media platforms require a lot of your time to be effective. Social media posts are instantaneous but will disappear from your audience’s timeline by being pushed down by other posts. To be effective, updates must be planned, carefully constructed, scheduled and monitored and this can use up a lot of time, especially if you do not have the resources to make regular contributions.

Billboards offer a permanent form of advertising that social media cannot. Billboard advertisements are a continued presence for your company in a location of your choosing and they guarantee to reach a broad and diverse audience every day. They require no effort on your part: no need to spend time writing and scheduling posts for your company to get the exposure it deserves.

Social media posts for small and/or independent companies are often only viewed by a small number of potential customers, or perhaps if you are lucky, a few hundred people each time one is posted. In comparison, billboard advertisements are cost-effective and gain the attention of tens of thousands of viewers each day.

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