Billboards Vs Roundabout Sponsorship

Roadside billboards are a proven method of successful advertisement. Hundreds and thousands of companies – big and small; local and worldwide – use billboards every day to promote their brand.

When deciding upon your billboard advertising campaign, it is important to choose a location that will offer your business the exposure it deserves. Billboards can be placed in many locations, including at roadsides and on roundabouts.

Roundabout versus Roadside

The Highway Code states that roundabouts are hazardous and should be approached with care. As drivers use higher levels of concentration when using roundabouts, chances are they are not taking notice of additional signs posted on the roundabout. This significantly reduces the likelihood of conversion and indicates roundabout sponsorship is poorer value for money than investment in other roadside billboards.

Roundabout traffic is constantly moving and traffic on roads are more likely to slow / come to a halt. Slower traffic increases the chance of your billboards to be viewed and remembered.

When opting for a roadside billboard, you have a selection of sizes from which to choose. This allows you to tailor your billboard advertisement to one that suits you and your needs. Advertisements at roundabouts are often restricted to a particular (and often small) size and this limits your influence on your own billboard advertising campaign.

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