How to get your brand on a billboard

Have you dreamt of seeing your brand advertised on a billboard?  Getting your business onto a billboard can seem intimidating, but at the same time, it can do wonders for your brand! 

If you have tried other forms of marketing and dismissed billboards as an option, this is probably due to the way the internet has changed how we think about advertising, plus concerns over budgets.

It’s easy to think that something like promoting a sponsored post on social media is more cost effective in comparison to advertising on a billboard. This is not always correct as billboard advertising is not as expensive as it was in the past. Prices are now more competitive and you can rent one of our locations from as little as £1125 + VAT for a 3 month period. 

When this is broken down it can equate to a weekly cost of just £86.50!

Where online advertising can get lost in the ocean of content being posted, outdoor advertising leaves a bigger impression and can improve your brand's profile. 


Finding the best location for you! 

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right billboard locations for your business.

  • Think about the objective of your campaign and where it would be most effective. 
  • Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to be in a prime position near one of your branches or even a competitor. 
  • If you run a retail store, it is advised that you target shoppers on their daily commute or on their way to their local shopping centre. 
  • Need assistance in choosing the best location for your business’ needs? We advise speaking to one of our consultants who is equipped with lots of local knowledge.


Booking Billboard Spaces

This is simple - go to 'Book a location', Select your area and the desired size of billboard and add this to your quote then hit submit. One of our consultants will be on hand to help you. 


Designing your Advert! 

This is the final step before you see your advert live! 

To be sure that you have an effective campaign, keep in mind these key points for your design: 

  • Is it eye-catching? 
  • Does it address your campaign's goals in a smart way?
  • Will it be impactful in the 3-5 second window that drivers have to see it? 

By using a traceable number, a memorable keyword to quote or a hashtag you can gauge the effectiveness of your advert. 

Once you have booked the location we will send you over the artwork specifications, this will include everything you or your designer needs to know to design your advert. 

If you are need of a professional design, get in touch with the team as we also offer a designing service for £250 + VAT. 

For any enquiries don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Team, you can do this by calling 0845 8622 198 or by email on