How schools use billboards to attract new students

Education is big business! There's hundreds of schools, colleges and universities trying to market to prospective students, making it very competitive.

For some students, it is a long and difficult desicion to make. To break through the competition fighting for each student, schools use billboards in key locations to be at the top of their minds everyday over the competitors!

Why should schools use billboards?

Higher Education & Colleges: Young students are always on the move and most 16 -18 year olds are busy enjoying their new found freedom. They are spending a large amount of time on public transport, are first time drivers and being driven around by family. Being constantly in the key locations seen by these students can have a huge impact on their decision.

Nursery - Primary Schools: Choosing a school is a big decision for parents as they look for the best schools in the borough. Been seen by these decision makers everyday mean that you can influence hundreds of local mums and dads who are preparing to apply for schools for their childern.

By using billboards, you are accessing a huge opportunity to be noticed by them.


Can billboards attract prospective students?

Let's face it, it's rare to see a young person without a smart phone, so it's safe to assume that the best way to grab their attention is through online adverts. This alone isn't sufficient! There's so much online competition by institutions advertising to the same students. 

By using billboards, universities and colleges increase their opportunity to be noticed by future students. 

Billboards ads are constantly live and hard to miss. While your target audience is out and about with friends/ travelling, they are likely to see your ad- so picking the right location and message is important!

Billboards cannot be closed or blocked like online ads. An advertisement on billboard boosts your campaign! It gives you coverage that puts you in the outdoor places where school applicants travel to or from everyday! During the application season students will notice messages that relate to their situation at that time.

How to create an effective billboard advertisement for schools


  • Making your advert memorable will make it easier for your perspective students to recall who you are. Focus on your key selling points that relate to students and create a catchy / advertising strategy to extend your impact! Students will see your advertisement outdoor then notice it online again, giving your online advertisement more reinforcement. 

    What can you use to make it memorable? Think about some popular brand campaigns:

    Which company uses the polar bears?

    Who do you think of when you hear “The Cows Want It Back”?




    These brands have been able to create memorable advertisements that have a long impact!

  • Use a call to action within your advertisement whether a hashtag, keyword to use online or a dedicated phone number. This way you can gage the response from the billboard.

  • Timing is everything! If your advertisement is live on a billboard before and during application season, you will be placng your institution in their minds while they are still trying to make a decision. Book a  campaign for 3 months - 6 months to run during your key months for applications.
  • Choose multiple locations: consider areas near to high footfall areas for students, near to the institution and close to other institutions.
  • Influence the Parents Parents are key influencers for helping college and university students decide on which routes to go down. They are also the decision makers for primary school choices and make up a big audience on the roads while doing the school run during rush hour. They are key to target! Your messaging should be aimed towards convincing the parents that your school is the best choice for their children. 



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