How To Use Billboards For Recruitment

Looking for that diamond in the rough candidate is hard enough! Recruitment companies are constantly facing the challenge of trying to attract the best candidates. To offer their clients the best talent and to continuously receive quality applications, recruiters are always searching for different ways to attract new talent.

Billboards are a great way to be seen by thousands of candidates every day! This way, as a recruiter you can attract more applicants and beat the online competition by having an outdoor presence also.

Choosing your location

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing your billboard location:

  • Do you specialise in recruiting for companies in specific area? Choose a billboard that is near to the town centre or train stations where the locals travel to frequently.
  • Select locations that receive a high footfall or traffic count 
  • Request a road that is popular for the work commute 
  • Strategically place yourself on a billboard that is nearby to clusters of big companies as they may experience a high turnover. This way you can be in the sight of their employees heading into work.
  • Ask for a location that is nearby to companies in the sector you are recruiting for.

Designing your billboard advertisement

Impact Campaigns by Logistics & Freight Recruitment Companies


What the aims of your billboard campaign?

Be sure that the aims of your campaign are clear, so that you can measure the results realistically. Are you advertising for brand awareness or are you looking to drive an action / have an impact?

  • Know your applicants. What are job seekers looking for in a new role? Let them know that you will address their needs.
  • Think about the time of the year - if you are advertising in January, you may your applicants may be looking to change jobs for the new year - how will you use a billboard to encourage them to take that leap?
  • Simplicity is key! A billboard is not the place to list all of your available job openings. If you specialise in a specific industry for instance marketing roles, IT, logistics, finance etc, your advert needs clearly show that. Say exactly what you need to within 10 words or less - this way commuters can read and take in your message quickly.
  • What is your call to action?  Telephone number - Use the space effectively, will candidates have enough time to get your number and call you? If you have picked a billboard location that is view of fast moving traffic, focus on creating a simple campaign for viewers to remember your name and find you online. If there is alot of static traffic on that route a number then comes in handy. Website: Make sure this is clear on the poster, however sometimes this is not needed as viewers can now easily search for your company name online.


How much does a billboard cost?

The cost of a billboard advertisement depends the location of the billboard – whether it is on a busy highway or road, the size of the billboard, and the demand for advertising spaces in the area. Get in touch and explain your needs for a quote to suit your business.


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