The difference between brand awareness and impact billboard campaigns

Do you want more people to know about your business locally or are you looking to drive sales with a billboard advertisement? Here’s the difference between both types of billboard campaigns:



Looking to combat the threat of online competition, Shaw & Co launched a campaign showing the huge returns that can be gained by selling a home through them vs online. Without a call to action using phone number or website, this advertisement makes the viewer think about their potential gains and in effect, contact the estate agent instead of going to the online estate agent.

Objectives of a response driven impact billboard campaign: To drive a measurable reaction by visits into store, online, social media or via calls.

An impact campaign should:

  • Cause a reaction
  • Show differentiation from the competition

  • Promote an offer that requires visiting the store.

  • Support an existing campaign with an optional call to action (call now, book online, visit us etc)


To be effective:

  • Using a few words be eye catching, funny, witty or cause a wow factor.

  • Convey a message that causes a reaction 

  • Showcase special prices that are hard to beat

  • Display directions to the business premises nearby.

  • Pick a billboard size that is in a high impact location. Also look out for slow moving traffic, this means your campaign will be seen longer and gives the audience more time to react. 



To support their 50 years of ‘fulfilling dreams’ campaign, Martyn Gerrard launched an awareness campaign, showing their expertise through length of service.

Objectives of brand awareness billboard campaigns: To create awareness of a business and its services.

A Brand Awareness campaign should:

  • Support an existing campaign

  • Show directions to premises locally

  • Create or build local knowledge of the business

  • Differentiate from the competition

  • Showcase the business strengths and USP

To be effective:

  • Show exactly what the business does or used to evoke emotion that represents the brand

  • The unique selling points of the business need to be prominent

  • The brand name is very visible, but not over powering the message

  • Pick a location that gives you high visibility, is nearby to competition or companies in a related sector.


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