Naked man steals the spotlight on Maidstone billboard

We had an amazing Christmas with our families, but one of the major highlights of our holiday was on Boxing Day when a surprising photo was emailed to us, titled 'Naked in Maidstone'. Assuming it was just a comment on our popular 'I'm Naked' billboard posters, we were not expecting to lay our eyes on this!

It's reported that on Boxing Day, a man climbed our billboard at A20 Ashford Road, Maidstone and posed naked while effortlessly reading a newspaper! 

While we've had no intention of encouraging anyone to get naked on our billboard with the 'I'm Naked' campaign, this photo captures our fun spirit at Billboard Media.  We could not contain our laughter! 

For health and safety purposes, we do not recommend that this is repeated by anyone! Thankfully, no one has been reported injured.

Want to make sure this billboard is no longer naked?


Photo credit: Jane C, Maidstone