Here's how gyms can advertise during the new year resolution season

It's the time of year when most people are trying to kick start their healthier living plan! With this in mind, it isn’t too late to start a campaign for your fitness centre to help them with their decision.

The main goal of billboard advertising is to reach lots of your target customers, daily, in the right places. Here's a few things to think about when planning your gym campaign.

Who is your audience?

Key things to think of when deciding who your target audience is:

  • Who uses your facility? Students, office professionals, stay at home parents?
  • Are you based in busy office area? Are your clients’ commuters trying to fit a session in during their lunchbreak or before/after work?
  • Are you located in a residential area? Do you have after school/work fitness clubs? early opening/late closing times?

By understand who your targeting will help to determine which of our locations will be best suited for you and your business. 

If your located in an area surrounded by offices, then you’re likely to pull in their employees. These will be looking at working out before/ after work maybe even during their lunchbreaks. They will be travelling to and from work every day for you to catch their attention on their commute.

What is your audience most scared of?

  • Think about your message!
  • Picture who your target audience is.
  • Think of the reasons they would want to join your gym and also it is very important to think of what might put them off joining!

Anyone thinking of joining a gym could worry about what will lay ahead of them.

With your message on a billboard can help combat the worry of judgement, which in turn could help you win over the potential client.

Think outside the box

New Year deals are great at getting some clients through the door, but what about incentivising new customers who have the fear of trying something new? You will need to encourage them to come to your gym rather than‘the one down the road.’

Could you offer them a local friendly alternative over the big boys? Why not make your personal trainers the face of your gym on your adverts, by introducing them to the commuters that pass the location daily. Have a different personal trainer up on the billboard every month. This will help customers feel as though they know the trainers before they even set foot in the door. This would help you be at the forefront of their minds when they are choosing a gym to join. Ask our team about art work changes when booking.

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