5 ways small businesses use billboards to attract new customers

SMEs are faced with the challenge of ever changing advertising sphere! What was once a world of advertising in newspapers, TV and magazines is now primarily online but the billboard industry is still growing!

Billboard advertising was once an expensive advertising medium and mainly sort after by medium – big companies. However, this has changed! The cost of one of our billboards can be as little as £999 + VAT for 3 months (equating to about £333 pm) while being seen by 10’s of thousands of people every day!

If you are looking to establish your business in the local community, a billboard puts your right in front of everyone commuting in the area! Fight off the competition online or nearby, and show the locals who you are with an advertisement solely dedicated to you on a busy road locally.

We saw the need for small / medium businesses to have the opportunity to also promote their businesses on major roads across England. Here are 5 ways small businesses can use billboards to promote their business locally.


1. To Direct Customers to the Premises

Is your small business in a hidden location or not as visible as the other shops on the high street? Maybe you just want to let everyone know who you are and where to find you. A directional billboard is one of the most effective billboards a business can use. By telling a driver where to find your business means that you are guiding them straight to your door.

If you are a restaurant, a directional billboard can definitely stir up some hunger. This is a highly effective strategy used by McDonalds, their signs only showcase their golden arches and an arrow showing their location.

A car garage - direct drivers to your garage and capture anyone having car issues on the road and looking for a quick fix or soon due for a MOT! Are your prices competitive or your service better than the rest? Showcase you best offering to direct drivers to your garage nearby.

Builders Merchant billboard


2. To Boost an Existing Online Campaign

If you are running targeted online ad, a billboard advertisement is a great addition to reinforce your campaign and drive viewers online. If a driver / pedestrian has seen your ad online, then also sees your billboard advertisement during their daily commute, that reminder and reinforcement can then get them online shopping on your website.

Keep it simple for everyone viewing your billboard ad, clearly showcase your website address or landing page and be sure to leave all detailed instructions on your website for visitors to redeem any special offers. This way there is not too much text for the driver to read and your billboard and website work hand in hand.

3. To Become a Well Known Brand Locally - Local Awareness

Get your presence felt locally. Let everyone know that you are serving the local community or reach out to your target audience to let them know what your business is all about. Showcase your main services, products, awards and your location or use the space to talk about your best offerings.

A billboard can help to strengthen your brand awareness is a great way to put your brand name and image into people’s minds constantly. After seeing your advertisement repetitively, these viewers will subconsciously become familiar with your business and visit online or in store to meet that need.


4. To Drive Sales or Make an Impact

If you are looking to drive sales right away, then this is the type of billboard that you are after. Encourage a reaction with a clear and impactful billboard artwork that showcases either a: great offer, limited time only deal or a witty or eye catching design.

Think out of the box, can you make your billboard campaign go viral?

This type of campaign needs to be simply, striking and effective to get customers acting on it.

5. To Showcase Seasonal Promotions

A billboard is ideal if you are a small business that runs on seasonal promotions, for instance clothing stores, afterschool / summer clubs, events companies and more. Using a billboard to promote seasonal services or products allows you to attract a different target audience for each seasonal offering. For instance, as a travel agent you can promote winter or summer travel packages or as a after school child care, you can promote your summer schools or easter half terms clubs. With a 12-month booking, SMEs tend to change their artwork every quarter to keep their billboard campaign fresh and revived constantly with a new promotion.


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