Why Travel & Holiday Companies Use Billboards

It’s a dreary rainy Monday morning, you’re driving to work and notice at the side of the dual carriage way a bright, colourful billboard with an advert for a sunny far away destination.

I don’t know about you, but my first thought is “Take me there!”

In 2017, 42% of consumers had booked a holiday both abroad and in the UK. With 30% booking in the UK only and 15% booking to go abroad. These are some of the highest figures since 2014! 45% of consumers that booked holidays abroad used travel agents.

Billboards are typically located on roads with high traffic counts, giving you the opportunity to be seen by holidaymakers multiple times during an average week, even if they are only popping to the shop for some milk.

Travel has always had a strong presence in the advertising world, from TV adverts to the billboards you see on any road in the UK.


Why do Travel Companies use Billboards?

Travel ads inspire people to travel the world. There’s no better place to do this than on a road with millions of people looking for motivation. They may only see the advert for a few seconds as they drive by, but unlike most other industries, marketing for holdiay companies relies on impact. A bright advert with well chosen imagery and a few words is enough to capture attention and plant a seed.

Just imagine when someone is stuck commuting in traffic, an enticing holiday campaign can make anyobne start thinking about weekends away and holidays abroad. If a driver views the ad but forgets the company name, they will be able to see it again during the daily commute the following day and every day for at least 3 months.


What can Billboards be used for?

Billboards can be used to achieve multiple goals:

  • They can direct potential customers to your website or branch.
  • Tell holidaymakers about the amazing deals on destinations.
  • Recruiting staff
  • Letting your target audience know who you are & the type of destinations you cater for

Brittany Ferrys Southampton

Brittany Ferries billboard campaign in Southampton

How can Billboards Benefit your company?

  • Billboards will put your brand in front of your audience every day, and they are hard to miss.
  • It doesn’t matter if your offering holidays to students or 5-star resorts, by selecting the right location, there is a billboard that will give you exposure to your target audience.
  • With fierce competition online, it is key for your advert to show what sets you apart from the rest. You will have the opportunity to capture people who would have seen your campaign online and be convinced after seeing your outdoor campaign, so reinforce your message. Be bold and bright. You have 3 seconds to catch the attention of the commuters. Don’t sell deals sell the experience you are offering.


Here's how we can help

  • Whether you are a small, medium or large business, we have billboard advertising options suitable for all budgets.
  • With over 50 years of experience and a dedicated sales team with extensive local knowledge, we can help select the right billboards for your budget to gain the maximum impact for your advertising campaign.
  • Booking billboards direct with us is the most cost-effective way. No agency commissions, no middleman and all our sales team have in-depth knowledge of our locations. We offer a full service from start to finish including an account manager for your area/billboard, artwork design service and our own poster printing and erecting team. 


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*figures from ABTA Holiday report.