Traditional vs Digital Billboards: Which is Right for you?

Trying to decide on the type of billboard that will work for your campaign? Do you go for a digital, vinyl or paper print billboard? With a range of outdoor advertising companies around the country, you will need to know how to select the right type of billboard for your needs. We only use vinyl posters for a few compelling reasons, here’s why:

What are traditional billboards?

A traditional billboard is print only and is the most common type of billboard seen on major roads with 24/7 coverage.  They are usually made of a wooded frame, with a poster inserted either being made of a sheet of paper or vinyl.

Paper vs Vinyl Sheet Posters


We  use vinyl sheets for posters, which we guarantee the quality for up to 12 months. These look much smarter and stronger than the traditional paper and paste, which can tear and rip off in adverse weather conditions. Our vinyl posters are securely stapled to the frame and boast a richer, more vibrant colour finish which our advertisers love! 

 To consider: How does a ripped poster look for your business’s image? Are you getting your money’s worth with a paper pasted print. Will your competition and their customers be seeing your poster daily? Choosing a vinyl poster gives you more piece of mind knowing that the quality is guaranteed.


Vinyl Posters vs Digital Billboards

The posters that are on our billboards are exclusive to the advertiser. The space is not shared with other companies, which means there will be all eyes on your poster solely for a minimum of 3 months. That’s why we love traditional billboards! On the other hand, digital billboards showcase a range of companies with allocated time slots showing for roughly ten seconds in rotation. This means that campaigns are only visible at specific times for seconds.

Digital billboards are also costlier to erect, which means that in some cases these costs are passed on the advertiser.

Let’s talk money, what are the costs?

Traditional billboards work great for all businesses and are perfectly suited for small/medium businesses who are looking for affordable advertising medium with high impact. Prices vary by location. In some instances, you can secure a location for as low as £999 + VAT for a 3-month booking in selected locations.  

Our traditional vinyl billboards are relatively cheaper and give more value for your money in comparison to digital billboards due to lower upkeep costs, longer coverage thus bigger impact.

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