Is a 16 Sheet Billboard Right for your Campaign?

Picking the right size for your billboard campaign is important to achieve the desired response. In some cases bigger is not always better for your campaign. A 16 sheet billboard is the smallest of the billboard sizes that we offer, but they are very impactful!

A 16 sheet is 10ft x 6ft, proving that is still a big poster, but compact enough to fit into a very convenient and hard to miss location in the city!

It is what we call 'the perfect entry level billboard' for those looking to target people in urban areas and ideal for directing your customers to your business.

Our 16 sheet billboards are normally booked by restaurants, events, wholesalers, solicitors, taxis, schools and estate agents.

16 Sheet billboards used to give directions

What are 16 sheets good for?

With a portrait display, they stand out from the typical billboard format and are ideal for:

1. Giving directions - As in the image above, these billboards are the perfect size for a simple message with a prominent arrow directing customers to your location.

2. Impact campaign - (promoting an offer with a call to action) Being situated on a busy high street, directly seen by both pedestrians and motorists, your offer will be hard to miss and can capture the attention of people shopping locally and motorist passing by. This is the perfect opportunity to shout about your offer and drive your audience to call now, visit the store or go online.

3. Now open - if you are a new company in need of brand awareness, let everyone in area know you are now open, with a 16 sheet billboard location that is in the view of all of your new customers. This is a great affordable option for a first timer.

4. Online businesses - if you do not have presence on the high street, a 16 sheet puts you right there with the others! 16 sheets are typically found in urban areas which allow you to be seen by everyone shopping on the high street.


16 sheet billboards now available to book, while stocks last:

Leabridge Roundabout, Clapton, London

Lewisham High Street, London

Northolt Park, Harrow, London

Oundle Road, Peterborough

Turnpike Lane High Street, London


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