Spring's most creative billboard campaigns

Have billboard campaigns become boring?

Over the years, successful billboard campaigns have gained a reputation for being simple, clever and eye catching with the aim of capturing the attention of millions of people!

This is because motorists are not looking for an opportunity to read a wordy billboard, nor can they be distracted while on the road! Advertisers with over complicated campaigns, tend to be ignored by their audiences, especially if the poster is not quick and easy to take in within 5 seconds.

Thinking about your creative campaign? If you have a lot to say, use your website as the information base, focus on your key selling points for your billboard then drive traffic to your website for more details. Don't be afraid to ask for help or feedback before you launch your campaign. If you are struggling to get your creative juices flowing, get in touch as we offer design and consultation services for businesses in need of a professional billboard poster designs. Contact us for more details. 

Who said small – medium sized businesses can’t come up with creative campaigns? Traditional (static) billboards are great for delivering a creative campaign in ways that digital billboards can’t. A striking poster that is not on rotation is best as it allows the campaigns to be seen by every driver passing by, giving it a big impact!  The below companies have stepped right out of the box with their campaigns designed to capture your attention.

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Penny Hill Timber - Camberley

NBK Trade & DIY - Norwich

Lewis Oliver - Coventry

Wardle & Keach - Northampton



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