Increase your event's attendance with billboard advertising

It's the season for major summer events and that doesn't only include festivals, but company parties, weddings, open days, sports team and community events! There's a lot going on so getting the attention of your audience in a prime location is important to stand out from the crowd. Billboard advertising is used by event companies and promoters as their way of making a big statement to get all of the attention.

As an event advertiser, billboards can be used for more that just promoting and selling tickets, you can:

Give directions or venue details for your event

Size: 16 sheet / 48 sheet 

Ensuring that attendees can easily find the location of your event is a must! Along with listing the directions on your website, a prominent billboard local to your venue is great for both promoting your event and directing people straight to your doors! Keep your event branding consistent so that your customers can recognise your poster right away and follow directions.

Which size is right for you? Event promoters are keen to book a 16 sheet billboard which are normally located on high streets or near train stations. These are in high footfall and traffic areas.

A 48 sheet billboard is also used to do high impact promotion to everyone driving on busy roads nearby. The poster is usually designed with a big arrow pointing to the direction of the venue or with prominent venue details.

Showcase your venue's services

Size: 48 sheet / 96 sheet

Are you the host and not the promoter? Billboards can work for you also. Showcase your venue's services to attract a new fleet of customers. For instance, if your venue is usually booked for hosting weddings, with the right wedding imagery and design, you can show everyone that your space can give them just what they need for their big day! Looking to attract a different audience? Use your billboard to shout about other services and get a wider range of customers enquiring. Whatever you do, keep your local audience's needs in mind to design a poster to catch their eye.

Which size is right for you? A 48 / 96 sheet will give you the impact you need. These billboards are big and hard to miss on busy roads. Use the space wisely and design a creative / bold campaign that is sure to stand out.


Tips to getting it right on a billboard:

Plan early! Don't opt for billboard advertising weeks before your event. Go live at least 3 months before so that you can start to drum up some interest and awareness way before your event. The right imagery, branding, call to action and over design needs to be right to attract your target audience. So, start thinking about this now. If you are in need of a designer, ask us about our design services.

Selecting a location - Choose a location that is very popular for your target audience so that you can be sure that they will see your brand. For instance, if you are targeting teens, ask for a location near shopping centres, high streets or colleges. Going for multiple locations can also be beneficial in targeting your audience living or commuting in different areas.  According to Ticketmaster ‘the average fan travels 43 miles to attend a concert….while die-hard fans travel up to 100 miles!’ You can also attract attendees in neighbouring cities.

Your poster design defines your event to the viewer - If your poster doesn't look exciting your attendees will assume that it wont be. To be sure that you have an effective campaign, keep in mind these key points for your design: 

  • Is it eye-catching? 
  • Does it address your campaign's goals in a smart way?
  • Will it be impactful in the 3-5 second window that drivers have to see it? 

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