Billboard advertising strategies to learn from car dealerships

Advertisers can learn a lot from car dealerships use of outdoor advertising. It's one of their favourite ways of advertising directly to their audience.  We've pulled together some strategies that car dealerships use to advertise and win customers using billboards.

No matter what industry you're in, most of these strategies can be applied to your business!

Emotional advertising

Playing on motorist's emotions is probably the main objective for most car manufacturer's advertising strategies. Their billboard campaigns must attract attention, make motorists imagine themselves in the vehicle and cause a reaction - driving the customer into the nearest branch. Captivating imagery on a billboard campaign will do just that. 

Can your brand benefit from emotion led advertising?


Brand awareness 

Car dealerships know exactly what they are looking to achieve with a brand awareness campaign. Promoting a new line, financing options or attractive warranty terms, their mission is to let everyone know about it. Though offers may not be present, their campaigns can still increase footfall into branches by simply evoking emotion by getting local drivers thinking about that new car they've always wanted and directing them to a dealership.

The imagery is simple, showing off the vehicle to catch the eye with just the key information and directions.


Impactful - Enticing Offers! 

With a range of financing options, scrappage and motability offers there are great promotions that car dealerships are eager to let everyone know about. Their customers are outdoors and, on the roads, even more during the spring / summer season so it becomes the best time to showcase a range of offers. These offers work great for entice drivers who have been thinking about changing cars for a while! Capturing driver's attention with an offer that leads to increased footfall is all dealerships need for their sales persons to work their magic and gain their return on investment.


Advertising nearby competition

Do you share similar customers with another brand? Car manufacturers align themselves with specific target markets. For instance, an Audi dealership may want to target BMW or Mercedes drivers as they share common demographics and social class. Aligning their campaign nearby to the competitions branches, in view of their customers, gives Audi the opportunity to direct those customers into their branch with an impactful campaign.  This is an effective way of targeting people who can afford a luxury car and en route to buy a vehicle.



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