Boost downloads - Advertising mobile apps on billboards

The mobile app world continues to grow, and there's even more app companies advertising outdoor to attract new users/downloads. Billboard advertising poses a lot of benefits for app advertisers. Let’s start by finding out what you are looking to achieve:

So you've launched your new app - but the downloads are not going as well as you hoped? Or maybe its going great and you want to keep the growth going and increase your market share. Here's the main reasons why billboards work well for app advertisers:

For major brand awareness. Looking for market share? Placing your app's campaign on a billboard allows your brand to be preceived as a new & exciting app. The investement into billboard advertising is also a big sign of growth. Get your app's creative seen on multiple billboard locations or even on one prominent billboard locally! This will put your brand out there in a big way! You can tailor your message to attract your target audience and showcase the benfits of your app. Plus your online campaigns can see an improvemnet in performance with the launch of an outdoor ad.

Do they audiences respond to these billboards on smartphones? According to a study done by Outsmart, 'the 20 most effective campaigns achieved a 38% uplift in smartphone ‘brand actions’ compared to people who have not been exposed to the campaign.' This could include searching for the brand name, tagline, going to the brand’s website, as well  as researching a particular aspect of the advert’s artwork.

Standing out from the competition - does you app fall into any of these categories: games, business, education, lifestyle, utilities, food, travel? According to Statista these sectors are some of the most popular Apple App store categories - Sept 2018. There's a lot of competition across the major app sectors and only a few stand the chance of staying on top. However if you offer a much better service or your USP has not gotten the attention it deserves, a billboard is the place to shout it from the mountain tops. Your billboard campaign can be seen by millions plus you will cut through the competion advertising online and demand the attention of everyone commuting or travelling around the billboard.

Connect directly with your local audience - do you offer an app that is only available in specific regions or areas? This is very common for many app providers. The great thing about a billboard is that's strongest selling point it its location. Picking the best location locally with allow your app's services to be seen by most traffic living or working locally. This allows you to create a very strong brand presence in those areas before you expand into others.

Directly target individuals – If you need to reach a particular demographic or individual, for example company owner, trades people, families / mums, buying a billboard on their journey to or from work, near stations or near their local shopping centre is an effective way of making sure that your key users sees your message.


Questions about billboard advertising for apps?

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