Why Billboard Advertising during Daylight Saving Time is key!

The clocks will move forward on 31 March 2019 meaning there’s more daylight to enjoy. This time change can have a massive impact on your business' sales and consumer behaviour. As a business owner or advertiser seasonal marketing and advertising should be at the top of your mind to fully take advantage of the new opportunities.

The aim of daylight savings is to give extra evening daylight during the summer months and more morning daylight in the winter. The concept came about in an effort to conserve energy and decrease the use of fuel in Europe & USA during the World War I era.

How can the daylight saving time benefit your business?

  • Be seen where your customers are! Think about what your audience will be doing during the sunnier days. More daylight = consumers spending even more time out of home as the days grow longer.  This is key information for advertisers as television programming views will take a dramatic drop with more people outdoors, while billboards see an increase as more people will be driving around longer and hanging out at outdoor venues or parks.
  • Boost online sales - for online brands longer, sunnier days can result in a drop in online sales in comparison to the winter season when conumsers tend to shop from the convenience of their homes. Giving your online brand an extra push via outdoor advertising can give your business a boost during the summer months when sales may take a dip online.
  • The emotional impact – studies show that more daylight has an emotional effect on mental health and happiness. People are more willing to shop, start spring cleaning, renovate, host parties, exercise, book holidays, eat out, buy homes and more. Does your business meet any of these needs? These customers are outdoor looking to be inspired - this is the best time to capture your audience.

Ready to attract new customers this season? 

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