Billboards Now Available - February 2018
New Locations - Now Available Ready to get your campaign started asap? The following locations are available in February 2018 with prices starting from only £1125 + VAT for a 3-month campaign. For a quote, select a location(s) below, add them to “Your Quote” in our online quote syst ... Read more
5 ways small businesses use billboards to attract new customers
SMEs are faced with the challenge of ever changing advertising sphere! What was once a world of advertising in newspapers, TV and magazines is now primarily online but the billboard industry is still growing! Billboard advertising was once an expensive advertising medium and mainly sort after by medium ... Read more
Here's how gyms can advertise during the new year resolution season
It's the time of year when most people are trying to kick start their healthier living plan! With this in mind, it isn’t too late to start a campaign for your fitness centre to help them with their decision. The main goal of billboard advertising is to reach lots of your target customers, daily, ... Read more
Naked man steals the spotlight on Maidstone billboard
We had an amazing Christmas with our families, but one of the major highlights of our holiday was on Boxing Day when a surprising photo was emailed to us, titled 'Naked in Maidstone'. Assuming it was just a comment on our popular 'I'm Naked' billboard posters, we w ... Read more
The difference between brand awareness and impact billboard  campaigns
Do you want more people to know about your business locally or are you looking to drive sales with a billboard advertisement? Here’s the difference between both types of billboard campaigns:   BILLBOARD - IMPACT CAMPAIGN  Looking to combat the threat of online competition, Shaw & Co launched ... Read more
How To Use Billboards For Recruitment
Looking for that diamond in the rough candidate is hard enough! Recruitment companies are constantly facing the challenge of trying to attract the best candidates. To offer their clients the best talent and to continuously receive quality applications, recruiters are always searching for different w ... Read more
Christmas & New Year Office Closing Times!
We will be away for Christmas, but keep in touch!  Our offices will be closed during the Christmas period from Friday 22nd December 2017 until Tuesday 2nd January 2018. Billboard posting will recommence on Wednesday 3rd January 2018. Interested in booking a billboard? - your enquires are im ... Read more
How schools use billboards to attract new students
Education is big business! There's hundreds of schools, colleges and universities trying to market to prospective students, making it very competitive. For some students, it is a long and difficult desicion to make. To break through the competition fighting for each stu ... Read more
Why New Year Billboard advertising  works
  One of the busiest times of the year for consumers is almost here! This makes it a prime advertising time for most consumer businesses whether big or small. Advertising around the Christmas and New Year season is a great time to showcase your business on a billboard, just as the bigger brand ... Read more
Case Study: Lewis Oliver Estate Agents
We are pleased to supply a high impact billboard to Lewis Oliver Estate Agent in Coventry. The team came to us looking for an option to build and maintain brand awareness in the area. To do this they chose billboard advertising in a prime location.   About Lewis Oliver Lewis Oliver is a local family run e ... Read more