How do I book a billboard location?

To book one our billboards, you will need to ‘request a location’ to check on its availability. Go to ‘Book a location‘, select the area and the desired size of billboard, then add this to your quote and hit submit. One of our consultants will get in touch to discuss your aims, the billboard options in that location, the key traffic/ footfall stats to help you select the best locations and the price.


Where are your billboard locations?

We have locations in major towns and cities across England. You can find our billboard locations on our interactive map here. For more information on our sites contact our sales team on 0207 112 8624 or email us


Can I book in advance?

We do not offer advanced booking on sites. This is because our current advertisers are given the opportunity to have first refusal to renew, this means that the billboard only goes back onto the market if they do not renew a month prior to the end of their contract.


How long can I book a billboard for?

You can book a billboard location for either 3, 6 or 12 months. These time durations allow you to benefit from the right amount of coverage to make an impact. The longer the booking the more savings you can enjoy! You will have the option to renew the booking a month prior to the end of your contract.


Do you design the posters?

Yes, if you are in need of a professional design, get in touch as we offer an expert billboard poster design service at an additional cost. Rest assured that you are in good hands when it comes to designing impactful billboard advertisements. You will need to provide a brief for the design and assets including your logo.

You can also submit your own artwork.



What is the cost of billboard advertising?

The cost of a billboard varies in each location, it is based on size, location, its reach: traffic figures/ footfall, length of booking. Our prices are designed to make billboards easily affordable and accessible to SMEs and you can rent one of our locations from as little as £999 + VAT for a 3 month period.


Do you accept split payments?

All bookings must be paid for in full to secure the location. We do not accept split payments. Once you have paid upfront for the billboard you can rest assure that your billboard location has been reserved.


Are there any hidden fees?

We hate hidden fees as much as you do that’s why we do not have any hidden costs! You will be made aware of all costs involved based on your requirements. Simply put, what we quote you is what you pay. All prices are subject to VAT. If there are any issues that are out of your control, we will go out of our way to fix it without passing on the costs to you.



 How effective is billboard advertising?

Here’s some interesting facts:

  • Billboards provide the space to have a 24/7 advertisement!
  • There is always captive audience looking! On average consumers can spend more than 20 hours per week in their car and within that time frame, they drive 200 miles or more! This means that there is a huge audience focused on the road ahead – where billboards are placed. The audience is already looking, what is your message to them?
  • 68% often make shopping choices while in their car, allowing advertisement to influence them.
  • A 3 month campaign is seen on average 60 times by one commuter!
  • 82% of first time billboard advertisers renewed their campaign with us after 3 months


How can I gage my ROI?

  • To effectively measure the response from your billboard advertisement, you need to keep in mind your aims and objectives. If your campaign was designed for brand awareness, it will take a longer time to see a quantifiable result as this type of campaign is highly impactful, but is based on an audience seeing your brand repetitively over a period of time. On the other hand, if your campaign is designed to drive a reaction, there are a few ways in which you can track the ROI on your advert. You can place a dedicated traceable phone number, promotional code or landing page link on the advertisement. Be sure to ask customers where they hear about your brand, to get some additional insight.


What sizes are your billboards? 

Our billboards are available in a range of sizes. The sizes are, from smallest to largest, 16, 48, 96 sheets and our special DM Square. For more information on dimensions and how each of these sizes look, see our products page.



What happens if the poster gets damaged?

If your poster gets damaged, we will print and re-erect a new poster free of charge. Your campaign’s effectiveness is important to us also, so we make sure that our billboards are maintained to a high standard.


Are the locations lit at night?

Not all billboards are lit, but majority of our billboards are on busy main roads which means that street lamps keep them very visible through-out the night.  If you are looking for a lit only billboard, please let us know.


Do you work with agencies?

We are a direct sales company which means that we cut out the middleman and have no agency fees. If you are an agency please note that we do not pay commissions. Any quote that we provide you will need to add your own fee before you present it to your client. We take all payments in advance and do not offer credit.