Registered Office: 35 New Broad Street, London, EC2M 1NH

  1. The site address - as per the invoice.
  2. Measurements of poster panel will be as per the invoice.
  3. The poster or sign is displayed for the minimum period as stated in the invoice.
  4. The advertiser is responsible for making sure the advert is legal, factual and not misleading.
  5. The term commences either 21 days from booking confirmation (The day you confirm your Invoice details to complete the booking) or the day the poster is erected, whichever is the sooner. If a specific date is agreed then written confirmation would be required and acknowledged.
  6. If the advertiser wishes the media specialist to arrange printing, manufacturing of the poster or display the costs of this are to be paid in advance of such work being carried out, and due on receipt of Invoice.
  7. In the event of early termination of the display caused by circumstances beyond our control a refund will be issued on a pro rata basis.
  8. Billboard Media is a direct sales specialist. In the event that an agency or 3rd party is involved, any commission charged will be added to the Invoice.


  1. All payments are to be made in advance as per the term. Once the advertiser has confirmed their invoice details (by email, fax or phone) and the Media specialist has accepted, this becomes a binding agreement between the parties. Payment is due immediately when the invoice has been received. Delays in payment will affect the display period.
  2. We do not accept staggered or part payments. Payment by Bac's, Chap's or cash to account only. We do not accept cheques.
  3. In the event that an advertiser does not wish to go ahead monies are not refundable.

Poster Campaign Artwork

  1. Supplying your own artwork
    Once your billboard is booked our artwork team will forward you or your designer the billboard specifications. We require the final artwork ready to print within 7 days of the billboard being booked. Please note Billboard Media or its partners will not make any alterations/changes to the provided artwork.
  2. Using Billboard Media's External Artwork Company.
    The price for designing a poster is £250 + VAT.

If any stock images are to be used at the request of the client all costs incurred will be payable by the client.

Any logos or images will need to be provided in a minimum of 300 DPI within 2 days of booking a billboard. They will also require you to provide any text and a description of what you would like by email.

First proof of your design will take 72 hours to create.

All images supplied will have the copyright holders permission for use and print. Billboard Media accepts no responsibility.


  1. Billboard Media cannot guarantee the life of blue back paper posters. Therefore on all long term campaigns we will use PVC Posters and advise that posters supplied by the client are also in this format.
  2. Posters remain the property of Billboard Media and will not be given to any other party including the advertiser during or after the campaign.


  1. The media operator or specialist will erect the poster or display. We may charge for erection of certain non standard posters.
  2. The erection of the poster is not date specific and we cannot be responsible for climate conditions. The term commences once the poster is erected or 21 Days after Invoice details confirmation, whichever is the sooner. In the event that the poster is damaged during display we will use the spare as provided by the client and erect within 10 days of being notified of any damage. If the client has not provided a spare then we will have to arrange a replacement at the client's expense.
  3. Printing can take up to 14 days from receipt of Artwork.
  4. If the display continues after the fixed term we will invoice and charge for the appropriate period until written cancellation from the advertiser is received and confirmed.

These terms are the only basis in which we operate, all emails sent refer to these terms and can only be altered by us in writing.


Billboard Media are a marketing agency acting on behalf of independent media owners. All advertising structures are owned and the responsibility of the individual Media Owner.